Full name

Scott Petty


My name is Scott Petty. I am a Sr. Environment Artist/ Level Designer who specializes in medieval level creation. I have 8 years of production experience and 4 shipped titles working both in-house and remote. I have a deep rooted passion for Indie game development and next-gen game art.

Age: 35


  • World buliding
  • Level Design
  • Lighting/Post-Process
  • PBR Shader pipeline
  • High Poly Modeling
  • Low Poly Modeling
  • Sculpting for Normal Mapping
  • UV Mapping
  • 2D Art Concepts
  • Team Management


  • 3DS Max
  • ZBrush
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Perforce UE4/UDK
  • World Machine
  • UV Layout
  • Topogun
  • xNormal
  • nDo2
  • dDo

Game Engine(s):

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • UDK
  • Source Engine
  • HeroBlade Engine (MMO)
  • Rayform

Work History:

Baremettle Entertainment: 6/2014 to 5/16
Game: Exanima
Position: Senior Environment Artist

  • Create highly detailed and optimized game ready architecture, textures, modular tile-sets, and props for Exanima.
  • Import assets into custom game engine
  • Work closely with Art Director to achieve desired look and feel of modular tile-sets in accordance to game lore

Aesthetic Games: 6/2013 to 6/2014
Game: Dead Crusade
Lead Environment Artist/ Creative Director

  • Created all 3D Environment Art, Models, Lighting, Textures, Shaders, and Level Design for Dead Crusade using Unreal Engine 4 and UDK
  • Worked as the only Environment Artist
  • Created all Master shader networks for different material types
  • Creation of properly spaced, asset resolution dominance lightmaps
  • creation compelling and detailed lighting setups for the levels.
  • Complete game design, production, recruitment, and team management

Action Mobile Games: 10/2011 to 6/2013
Game: 2013: Infected Wars
Position: Lead Environment Artist

  • Create extremely optimized level architecture and textures to run on mobile devices (iPhone 3G-4G) in a timely manner.
  • Creation of lightmaps and compelling lighting setups for all levels.
  • Push the boundries of what is visually possible on the iPhone and mobile platforms while retaining high framerates.
  • Work closely with a team of Artists to achieve a consistent look and feel for all Environments.

Torn Banner Studios: 04/2009 to 10/2011
Game: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Position: Lead Environment Artist

  • In charge of all Environment Art and Level Design efforts for transition from Source MOD to commercial UDK game
  • Participated in all interviewing and recruitment selection for all applying 3D Artists
  • Work closely with a team of Jr. Artists to develop props for use in levels
  • Review of all art assets via voice and screen share
  • Created all Master shader networks for different material types
  • Implementation of all 3D models, shaders, textures into UDK game engine
  • Focus on level optimization using LODs, precomputed visibility volumes, and culling
  • In charge of world creation from level blockout to final look
  • Place objects within the level to create compelling scenes
  • Light the level and began creating post process chains for optimal visual impact.
  • Used Kismet to script level events such as backround siege dynamics

BioWare Austin, Austin Tx, 04/2008 to 09/2009
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Position: 3D Environment Artist

  • Use of height map tools to create terrain deformations
  • Use of terrain painting tools to paint texture blends on landscapes
  • Creation of dungeons and landscapes using modular art assets
  • Using Heroblade lighting tools to light environments
  • Elemination of bugs on various planets for The Old Republic MMO

Game Art Degree


Austin, TX · 2006 – 2008